Quizzing in Kalimpong and the Darjeeling district has been dominated by our Quiz Team since it was formed in 1995 by Mr. Nipanjan with the blessing of our late Directress Madam and active support from Mr. Suresh, Ms. Summi and Ms. Sangita. Within two years of its formation the quizzing scene in Kalimpong was turned upside down – from being under achievers to “THE CHAMPION SCHOOL” winning the SUMI Alumni Quiz for the first time in 1997.

Since then we have won all the annual Quiz contests on a number of Occasion and other occasional Quizzes over the years, wining 8 times the SUMI Alumni Quiz, 4 times the AHLIS ICSE Quiz, 5 times AHLIS ISC Quiz, 5 times local ICSE Quiz, 3 times local ISC Quiz, 3 times Champion school at Rotafest, Siliguri, 3 times District Champion of the Pre-Voter Day quiz organized by the Election commission of India, 3 times DGHC Sub-Division Champions.

The Best performance has been at the ASISC National level in 2008 when we stood 3rd, we have also participated at the National level of ESPN Sports Quiz and the IT Quiz , and we have been the North-Bengal Champions on a number of occasion.

The quizzers have not limited their talent to Quizzing only, in the past 15 years their brilliance was demonstrated in PowerPoint Presentation, winning the annual Inter-school contests(AHLIS and Local) a number of time, they have used their Quizzing knowledge and technique to win Creative Writing contests, Debates and Inter – School Antakshri quite a number of time.

For Quiz Team “WINNING IS EVERYTHING”, it`s passion!