Academically, we strive to establish good working habits in an environment that is wholly conducive to learning and study. Our motto ‘Shraddha vaan labathey gyanam’ is a Sanskrit scripture which translates to ‘the faithful one achieves knowledge’. Our qualified teachers have a good track record of mentoring each individual student as per the pupil’s abilities. All our students comment on the teacher – student relation in this school as being relaxed and effective. Our teachers- while demanding respect in their fields of expertise- are approachable by all our students for guidance and counseling.

Although we take great pride in our all-rounders and high achievers, we are particularly proud that all our students leave the school with sound qualifications on which to build their future. Additionally, we aim to develop skills and qualities that prepare our students for life beyond school and to become leading members of the community and society. Our students have various opportunities to participate in outside-the-classroom extra curricular activities which facilitate their holistic development.

With changing times and rapid innovations in technology, we continually strive to improve and add upon our existing facilities which we provide to our students.